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12 CD box "Talking Guitars"

12 CD box "Talking Guitars"

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12 podcasts with previously unpublished audio samples and live recordings.

It's Friday, March 13, 2020. The world is holding its breath. Two guitarists, just flying from Asia to Andalusia, are suddenly stuck at home. There is a worldwide ban on appearances. From now on, the last bastion of income for musicians, the concert ticket, will be lost. Can one understand such an abstract event? Artistically, say the two professional optimists and go to the recording studio the next day. Twelve one-hour audio documents were created there over the next three months. “Talking guitars”.

Two microphones, two record collections and a bottle of good Scotch form the ingredients for an illustrious mix of men's conversations, flamenco talk and constant music. Peppered with anecdotes from the life of a musician, background knowledge, relevant and entertaining information is revealed; In between there are always fragments from Café del Mundo's sound workshop. The question hanging over everything is: is this also economically viable? The musicians' appeal is followed by the full force of the fans: They buy all the episodes, not on the free platforms, but directly from the band, which saved their music from the stage closure.

  • Episode 1 The Flamenco Guitar, 56:17 min
  • Episode 2 Alex in portrait, 44:21 min
  • Episode 3 Jan in portrait, 52:10 min
  • Episode 4 The early years, 49:59 min
  • Episode 5 The later years, 59:40 min
  • Episode 6 Live in Buchen 2013, 1:08:28 min
  • Episode 7 Georgia on my mind, 54:58 min
  • Episode 8 The Journey to the Innermost, 58:27 min
  • Episode 9 Composing, 1:01:37 min
  • Episode 10 Guitar Heroes, 59:20 min
  • Episode 11 Guitar Heroes, part 2, 56:19 min
  • Episode 12 Guitar Heroes, part 3, 58:08 min
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