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Café del Mundo

180g vinyl "Guitar Super Nova"

180g vinyl "Guitar Super Nova"

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Guitar Super Nova is the name and program of Café del Mundo's new album. The metaphor of the bright star is no coincidence. “We kept thinking about our home game, this magical atmosphere, the special energy. It was like a UFO landing.”
Among the twelve tracks there are nine original compositions and three arrangements in Café del Mundo-sound. All pieces are set in bright keys. “We really long for lightness now.” As before, the Buchen guitar duo's eighth album defies any genre limitation. The desire for inner journeys and the liveliness of the two guitar innovators can be felt in every moment of the album.
As the pandemic continues to anesthetize socio-cultural life, nothing seems to be able to counteract the general oppression. Really nothing? Yes, and right now, say the two sound artists Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian. “Our imagination. It is the sharpest tool. With her we can create a better future.”
“Let’s imagine it’s the future. Let's imagine that Michael Jackson came back after his "earth songs". What does he find? The earth, ecologically sustainable, socially and generationally fair, green, blooming, fragrant, peaceful and tolerant between the most diverse forms of life... all an aesthetic utopia? “No, a reality if we want it. Because if we can think it, then we can design it.”
Guitar Super Nova will be released on June 21, 2021 “on no common platform” and on vinyl on March 7, 2022. The album is only available in the band's own webshop as a CD (Digipack) or digitally via the specially programmed “mundo app”. This work evades the usual marketing machinery and makes a resounding plea for the inspiring power of freedom in art.

“Guitar Super Nova” - self-definition:
“An enthusiastic guitar novice”


  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 guitar super nova
  • 3 moonflowers
  • 4 Neptune's song
  • 5 you are the light
  • 6 space gitanos
  • 7 martian wind (interlude)
  • 8 new day
  • 9 viva la vida (Coldplay)
  • 10 with or without you (U2)
  • 11 earth song (Michael Jackson)
  • 12 walk in heaven
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