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Café del Mundo

Album "CAFÉ DEL MUNDO Symphonic"

Album "CAFÉ DEL MUNDO Symphonic"

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A symphony orchestra is the most multifaceted experience of human emotions in music. In the European tradition, this sound body represents a high development.
Every music reflects its time. She dances on the tightrope between a sense of identity and a sense of globalization. She balances sensitively, finely nuanced. Music is able to create peaceful community without words like no other medium.

All you need is LOVE!
At Café del Mundo, the love of the symphonic sound cosmos meets an unmistakable inner call to bring new music into the world. A concert for two flamenco guitars and a symphonic orchestra is the audible experience of a deeply inspiring encounter beyond the ordinary, an encounter between two extraordinary instrumentalists in dialogue with the orchestra.

In this music album, which was masterfully scored by Christian David Rheber, Orient and Occident, young and old, Europe and Africa, folklore and classical encounter each other. What emerges is a joyful, dancing rhythmic flow that takes the listener on a great journey that allows them to become completely expansive and yet leads them precisely to themselves. And this is exactly where the mysterious, invisible power of music lies: it opens us up, makes us permeable to the great things far beyond our imagination.


  • 1 Dance Of Joy
  • 2 Spread Your Wings
  • 3 Arabian Nights
  • 4 jueves
  • 5 Homenaje A Paco
  • 6 Beloved Europe
  • 7 Space Gitanos
  • 8Easy
  • 9 Leon Dormido
  • 10 For Ulysee
  • 11 El Murcielago
  • 12 You Are The Light
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