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Café del Mundo

CD "Café del Mundo"

CD "Café del Mundo"

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Starting signal and naming for a fruitful and lasting artistic collaboration that is second to none: Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian, here still with musical guests, are exploring the possibilities of the guitar in a new way. The artwork is by Evelyn Mantei and
Ulrich Ambach, who designed the music.


  • 1 Café Del Mundo
  • 2 Homenaje a Paco
  • 3 La Barca
  • 4 Un Pozo De Viento
  • 5 Uma Bossa
  • 6 Tempodrom
  • 7 La Nostalgia
  • 8 Alegria
  • 9 Ocean Feel
  • 10 Dance Of Joy
  • 11 Samba "La Portentosa"
  • 12 viajeros

Omar Plasencia percussion
Murat Çoskun Frame Drum
Sandro Gulino bass
Alberto Menéndez Sax, flute
Sandro Gulino bass

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