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Café del Mundo

CD "Dance of Joy"

CD "Dance of Joy"

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Dance of Joy
Joy is like the sun breaking through the clouds. It is like fresh wind in your nose, warmth on your skin and color in the gray of everyday life. And she is just a blink of an eye away at any given moment. Your home is the beauty of detail, and your garment is simplicity.<br>
“Dance of Joy” is an ode to the pure joy of being, lively, fresh and sparkling – composed and played by two gifted artists who stand for pure music. Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian are “Café del Mundo”, the poetic-virtuoso flamenco guitar duo with a magnetic aura. In their new album “Dance of Joy” they use their instruments to talk about heaven, earth and life, about dreams, courage and gardens of paradise - and inspire with their pure joy of playing.
Joy is when the heart dances. Dance along!



  • 1 Dance of joy
  • 2 Sunset
  • 3 Shoke
  • 4 Una noche en cadaques
  • 5 Dance of the bedouins
  • 6 Arabian nights
  • 7 Las ramblas
  • 8 One fine day
  • 9 Samba de muitas notas so
  • 10 Juniregen
  • 11 Rio De Janeiro
  • 12 Silence
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