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Café del Mundo

CD "La Perla"

CD "La Perla"

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The search for a pearl is the search for the hidden beauty in the heart of things, is the love for the secret magic of life, for the poetry of everyday stories. You can't own them. Let them shine!

"La Perla" is the CD debut of the award-winning flamenco nuevo duo "Café del mundo" on the renowned label GLM fine music. Flamenco, the music of the magical south, has lived unbroken for many thousands of years; it is nostalgic and at the same time always current, timeless, full of grace, passion and secret power. At the heart of this music, Europe, Africa and the Orient meet.

“Café del Mundo” – these are the two exceptional guitarists Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian. For “La Perla” they traveled to the sources, to Spain, and traced stories and let images and atmospheres take effect. The result is a touching, virtuosic, lively journey of discovery of inimitable playful brilliance. "La Perla" brings together traditional flamenco rhythms and rousing Latin jazz impressions, played at the highest guitar level. "Café del Mundo" is a revelation, the rediscovery of flamenco and a story of searching for and rediscovering poetry. Discover the pearl!


  • 1 Jueves
  • 2 La Pearl
  • 3 Villajoyosa
  • 4 Que, Thiero
  • 5 Rio Guadalest
  • 6 tablespoons murcielago
  • 7 Desenvuelto
  • 8 Sambinha para angela
  • 9 Melancolia
  • 10 Leon dormido

Cesar Gamero percussion
Sandro Gulino bass
Alberto Menéndez Sax, flute
Joo Kraus trumps
Angela Frontera drums
Mulo Francel Sax
DD Lowka Bass
Sandro Gulino bass

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