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Café del Mundo

CD "Sofa Songs"

CD "Sofa Songs"

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There is music that touches us as velvety as golden yellow velor. It creates a space against the inhospitability, it wraps us in security. Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian have arranged twelve personal sofa favorites together for the couch. The contrasts could hardly be greater: there are the impressionistically dappled sounds of Claude Debussy next to Lindsey Sterling's dubstep, the jazz chords of Bill Evans next to the immortal Bach cantata "May sheep graze safely". They all come together playfully in the sound of flamenco guitars, appearing new and radiantly bright.
Music that, sometimes with gentle poetry, sometimes stimulating like a good cup of tea, graces our senses and exudes constant cosiness above all. These are Café del Mundo's SOFA SONGS.


  • 1 Claire de lune
  • 2 a sky full of stars
  • 3 Fuga y misterio
  • 4 Moon River
  • 5 Scarborough Fair
  • 6 Mr Bojangles
  • 7 Sheep may graze safely
  • 8 La leyenda del tiempo
  • 9 Forrest Gump
  • 10 Crystallize
  • 11 Una mattina
  • 12 Peace piece fantasy
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